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Our Difference

What makes us different?

We asked our QV team! = We listen. We care. We educate. We empower. We enrich lives.

February 6, 2024

Employee Spotlight

Virtual Coffee Chat with Marilyn

February 29, 2024

Our Difference

...a genuine care and a sincere heart to help!

April 10, 2024

Employee Spotlight

Virtual Coffee Chat with Ron

April 2, 2024


We’re humanizing insurance solutions

Our difference is really centered around QuoteVelocity being an industry leader in lead generation, specifically focused on ethics and compliance. In addition to that we bring a human touch to the experience for the customer in a way that's unique to the industry. Our call center staff is primarily located in the US, making it easier from a communication standpoint; and we act as the crucial first point of contact with larger insurance carriers. We offer a bridge between those seeking insurance and the plans in the insurance world. For many seniors, navigating the vast options of insurance can be painful, to say the least. We simplify this process, making it more accessible and understandable, and offering a human approach with our agents. Our team takes a lot of pride in demystifying the process of a consumer searching online to speak with an agent, and ensuring that their needs and concerns are heard and addressed. Making a complex system approachable and tailored to the unique needs of every individual, especially our seniors/customers.