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At QV there is no ceiling, write your own paychecks and embrace the grind.


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We provide you with the best tools and utilities available to streamline your workflow.


Like to cook? Garden? Read? Whatever you're into, there are team members who would love to connect with you on shared interests.


We do not operate a "top down" approach - everyone is heard, all opinions matter, and we encourage radical truth and radical transparency.


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Consumer Support Advocate

Remote: US - W2 Full Time / Part Time

Quote Velocity is hiring qualified agents who enjoy engaging with the the community in an honest, ethical way. This position is 100% REMOTE – working from home.

Job Details:

We get you up and running quickly! Training is short and paid – You start earning commission during your first week. The position includes inbound and outbound dialing. Our team is close knit and via the help of technology, and we have fun together while reaching new goals in both professional and personal ways every day!

  • $13/hr + COMMISSIONS & BONUSES (average hourly after commissions is over $28/hour!!)
  • Full-time and part-time available (Min 15hrs/wk required)
  • Full-time agents are averaging $1000+ PER WEEK
  • Full benefits for full time positions: health, vision, dental, life insurance, PTO, etc
  • ** Top agents earn ~$3,000+ weekly during our busiest seasons! **

We are looking for people who have phone experience of any kind, or experience working directly with seniors. Retiree’s welcome! You will need a computer, a web cam for our weekly Zoom meetings, solid internet connection and most importantly... YOU MUST BE A PEOPLE PERSON!.

Please be yourself! We encourage you to be yourself and stand out!

A Day In The Life

You’ll be assisting consumers with their insurance coverage by connecting them with licensed agents in real-time. Our job is to connect consumers with the professionals that can save them money or get them better coverage on their plans. You’ll engage with personalities varying from an older gentleman named Lou who played a song on the piano and serenaded one of our agents to a children’s author who just needed a friendly ear for a few minutes and read one of her books to our agent before getting the help she deserves. We LOVE our consumers, and we LOVE our team! We have fun together while we work and keep things exciting and engaging. We truly SMILE while we DIAL.. because we can’t help but do so!

Lets Get Movin’

Please upload your video below and complete the questionnaire to apply for the Call Center Representative position. If you are chosen to move forward to the next steps, we will be in contact directly via phone or email.
We are looking for the following content within each video submission:

  1. Tell us about yourself
  2. Tell us what you currently know about insurance
  3. Tell us about any experience you have working with seniors
  4. Tell us what makes YOU special!

Please keep videos under 5 minutes in length.
Please be yourself! We encourage you to be yourself and stand out!

To Sum It Up

You can make GREAT money while having amazing conversations, working at your leisure, with a talented group of energetic co-workers. Best of all - WE ARE HELPING PEOPLE!
We look forward to watching your videos, we will be in touch soon!
The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form
Any files that are uploaded will be shared outside of the organization they belong to.

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